One of the fallacies being circulated in this pandemic is the idea that public health principles conflict with economic growth. That might be true in the very short run while economies are stalled, but the long run shows exactly the opposite.
The UK is lagging behind many comparable countries when it comes to coronavirus tests.
The promise of coronavirus testing at local pharmacies, which President Trump implied was at hand on a large scale, remains unrealized.
The chief scientific adviser says the number of infected people is much higher than the 590 identified cases.
The UK government have issued the next stage of response to the virus, with added measures for the public.
The NHS is releasing a TV advert to encourage people to stay at home during the coronavirus crisis.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock announces plans to open a temporary hospital in London for 4000 patients.
A woman being treated for coronavirus has made an appeal for people to stay home.
President Trump continued to downplay the exponential spread of the coronavirus in the United States on Monday, comparing the rising death toll to the number of Americans killed in car crashes and by the seasonal flu.
As the coronavirus threat intensified in the U.S., Fox News viewers received different information than Americans who got their news from other sources. Ben Smith, the media critic at the New York Times, set out to understand why. His conclusion:...
Although the scale of the coronavirus outbreak, at least so far, is much lower in rural counties than in some big cities, they face distinctive challenges in coping with an epidemic of a life-threatening disease.
The president told Fox News on Tuesday that he hopes to "have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter," which falls this year on April 12.
President Trump has been reluctant to use the Cold War-era Defense Production Act, which allows the president to pressure or even force private industries to produce products deemed necessary for the nation’s defense.
Three sailors aboard the carrier Theodore Roosevelt tested positive for coronavirus after coming down with symptoms of COVID-19 and have been evacuated from the ship.
Health experts are concerned about the possibility of devastating coronavirus outbreaks inside America's jails and prisons. Are drastic steps needed to prevent the virus from wreaking havoc behind bars?
Abandoning his hope that the country could end its lockdown restrictions by Easter, which will be celebrated in two weeks, President Trump said on Sunday that intensive measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic would continue until the end of April.
Key charts explaining how the respiratory virus has spread and how it is being dealt with.
The current best guess of a 1% death rate does not apply to everyone.
Key graphics explaining how coronavirus has spread in the UK and the government's response.
Fifteen British people were working in a school in Jeju, now deserted amid coronavirus precautions.
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