Discovery of mutation 50,000 years ago could help in the fight against malaria.
Kelvin Liew moved to Cornwall after his marriage ended and struggled to make new friends in an unknown area.
Part of Emily Eccles's jaw was left hanging on by a flap of skin after her horse bolted and she hit a wooden post.
Thousands of children in seaside areas are having multiple teeth extractions in hospital because of tooth decay.
Student Sophie Bennett developed anxiety and depression but then she discovered surf lifesaving.
US photographer Justin J Wee has chronic back pain and uses images to depict living with pain.
Almost 40% of sellers targeted by councils sold vaping goods to under-age teenagers in 2018-19.
The government in England must find a solution for social care to ease pressure, the regulator says.
A cheap, common drug could save hundreds of thousands of lives a year if used routinely, doctors say.
But questions remain over the use of puberty blockers, say Newsnight's Deb Cohen and Hannah Barnes.
Comedian Katy Brand tells 5 Live's Emma Barnett about her experience.
Seren Jenkins will not let cancer dictate how she looks - and wants others to overcome their fear.
An NHS survey suggests one in 10 children aged 11-15 had drunk alcohol in the previous week.
The two women made different decisions on whether to be tested for the rare disorder.
A student set to become the NHS's first deaf and blind doctor describes discrimination she has faced.
Two brothers explain how it helps them to cope and want to break taboos surrounding the disease.
The BBC's Clive Myrie followed one of Europe's busiest trauma teams for several months.
The parents of a 10-year-old boy who died after contracting HIV through contaminated blood products speak at the public inquiry.
If you’re traveling abroad this summer, the last thing you probably want to think about is what you’ll do if you get sick or injured. But experts say 15 percent of travelers encounter some kind o...
Clive Myrie meets London's knife crime victims and the people who treat them
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