Exceptional Individuals is showing employers how to make their work environment neurodiverse friendly.
Make the most of your skills with one of these jobs.
People with eating disorders may use veganism as a "socially acceptable" restrictive diet, a charity warns.
Hundreds of people people have been infected with a newly-discovered virus.
A trial of 500 patients from Bristol, Leeds and Southampton will test if amitriptyline can be widely used.
Transport restrictions have been further tightened as the number of new infections almost doubles.
Its long-term safety and success remains untested - but some women have already paid at least £6,000.
BBC reporter Jordan Dunbar investigates the lack of regulation around private therapy and counselling.
Julie O'Connor, 49, died from cervical cancer after being given the all-clear by doctors.
Experts say more men are getting tested, which explains the rise in diagnoses in England.
Grzegorz Wawrzynczak smacked the man on the legs and was later cautioned by the police.
Women are being shamed into the procedure out of fear of being outcast or even killed.
The boxes are given to families to support them while caring for someone with dementia.
The world's second "naturally" strongest woman says more women should get involved in weightlifting.
The increasing age of carers looking after adults with learning disabilities is a "looming crisis", a study claims.
Andrea Halliley is one of thousands on waiting lists for NHS gender identity clinics in England.
Men make up 40% of blood donors and their blood contains more iron than women's.
‘You, Me and the Big C’ presenter Deborah James tells 5 Live she is currently ‘free’ of cancer.
Richard Hoskins says he was not properly assessed, and his transition was a reaction to having lost three children.
A public health expert gives advice on how to try and avoid infection from the new China virus.
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