The transport secretary is to unveil the first two railway lines to receive funding to restore rural services.
Apple is refusing to unlock the phones of a Saudi Air Force officer who killed three people at a Florida naval base. Is Apple holding back justice, or is the company right to defend user privacy?
President Trump’s lawyers were caught off-guard as the lead House impeachment manager, Rep. Adam Schiff, launched into a passionate and comprehensive set of arguments about why the House impeached Trump.
Officials at the United Nations are seeking information from the government of Saudi Arabia relating to the hacking of a phone belonging to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
The billionaire running for the Democratic nomination responded to comments from the president calling him a "major loser."
A conservative group critical of President Trump released an ad that targets Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins for her votes during the impeachment trial.
Democrats accused the president of boasting about obstructing Congress after a Davos press conference.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent letters Wednesday to the largest U.S. banks, asking them to share their plans for dealing with risks posed by climate change.
Details about Hunter Biden could complicate life for Joe Biden — exactly what Trump was trying to do with his Ukraine scheme last summer.  
In a live studio interview on Yahoo News’ “Hot Mic With Brittany Shepherd,” Democratic candidate Tom Steyer discusses Trump’s Twitter attacks, his own billionaire status, and takes questions from first-time voters in the audience.
Newly released Office of Management and Budget documents from last summer show Trump appointees' intense interest in withholding aid to Ukraine.
The key witness against President Trump’s former confidant and political mentor Roger Stone has written a highly unusual letter to a federal judge asking her not to sentence Stone to prison.
The billionaire presidential candidate Tom Steyer reiterated his support Wednesday for reparations for African- Americans suffering from the legacy of slavery.
President Trump’s defense team began its second day of arguments with a high-minded lecture from Ken Starr about the dangers of partisan impeachments, before launching scathing broadsides at one of the president’s top rivals for the presidency, Democrat Joe Biden.
Britain faces a crucial choice on Tuesday over whether to allow China's Huawei Technologies to build its next-generation wireless networks. Britain's National Security Council is poised to decide whether to allow Huawei to build parts of its new high speed...
The chief of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard warned on Monday that it will retaliate against American and Israeli commanders if the United States continues to threaten top Iranian generals.
* Secretary of state accused Mary Louise Kelly of violating ‘basic rules of journalism’ * Pompeo reportedly ranted at Kelly after interview * Opinion: Kelly’s Pompeo interview was like satire. If only Newly released emails between the office of Mike...
At the time the helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant crashed on Sunday, the weather conditions were so bad that both the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had grounded their helicopters. “The weather situation did not...
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin mocked 17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week, telling reporters that because Thunberg lacks an economics degree like he has, she has no standing to criticize the U.S....
One of Harvey Weinstein's main accusers told his rape trial Monday that the ex-Hollywood producer forcibly performed oral sex on her in a children's bedroom in his New York home. Mimi Haleyi -- a former production assistant -- cried as...
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